The inspiration behind Misty Mountain Mama

My name is Haely and I am the sole creator of Misty Mountain Mama. This name was thought of and created during my pregnancy with my son and it just stuck with me, I just knew I had to go with it. I remember listening to a podcast one day during my ten-hour work shift that said, "Most never start because they are afraid of failure". I always knew I wanted to create something of my own but to do that I knew I had to put the fear behind me.

Speaking of fear, here I was ready to take on the small business world and boom my sweet beautiful baby boy was born. Single parent, first-time mom with no previous baby experience. I quickly fell into sleep deprivation, postpartum anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. Luckily I can thank Jesus for deliverance and my amazing support system.

I eventually gained confidence in my role as a new mama. I was determined to not let fear dictate my life and to chase after my dreams. I'm so thankful for my little family and every day is a new blessing. Just know whatever you are going through you will make it out stronger on the other side and some people need and love you more than you can imagine.